Canberra JLPT キャンベラ日本語能力試験

The 2019 Canberra JLPT will be held on 7 July at the Australian National University. Exam headquarters will be located in the Copland Building, room COP G051.

All exams will be held in the Copland/Haydon-Allen Quadrangle. See map below for parking. Maps with precise exam room locations will be posted throughout the venue on exam day and staff will be available to help you find your assigned exam room.

Venue map.jpg

(google map available at:

All examinees should remember to bring a valid photo ID (driver’s license, passport) and a HARD COPY of their test voucher. You must have a paper copy of the voucher so that it can be displayed on your desk during the exam. Simply showing an electronic copy on your phone will *not* be sufficient.


Students should gather outside their assigned exam room (there will be ample signage on the day) by 12:40. Exams will commence at 1:00 pm. Different level exams will finish at different times, but all exams should be complete by 16:30, barring unforeseen delays or complications.

As the ringing or buzzing of a phone or watch during the test will result in the immediate disqualification of an examinee, I would urge people to leave watches with alarms home and to ensure that phones are completely turned off prior to entering the exam room.


Questions and enquiries specific to the Canberra JLPT should be directed to