Canberra JLPT キャンベラ日本語能力試験

The Japan Foundation’s Japanese Language Proficiency Test will be held on Sunday, 1 July 2018 at the Australian National University.

Registration for the exam has now opened. The deadline for registering for the test is  4 April (5 PM AEST). Please note that no late registrations will be permitted.

Examinees should register by clicking on the “Canberra” link on the Japan Foundation, Sydney website:

Please be sure to download and read the JLPT Test guide before registering.

The test will be held on the ANU campus on 1 July. Examinees will need to arrive at the test site by 12:40 on test day, with the exam beginning at 13:00. Exams will run until 15:25 to 16:10, depending on level, with one (levels N1 and N2) or two (N3, N4 and N5) 20 minute breaks between each section. Please note that, in the case of disruption, a test may go beyond its scheduled finish time and examinees travelling interstate in particular should account for this when making travel arrangements.

Additional information, including maps of the venue and parking information, will be posted shortly.

If you are unsure which level of the exam to take, please refer to this page

Questions and enquiries specific to the Canberra JLPT should be directed to